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Code of Conduct & Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct

Great companies are built on Trust. If Sthira is to thrive and grow, then we must understand and trust our customers, employees, the communities in which we work, and on a broader level, cultural societies of which we are part.

Trust is earned through the achievement of consistently superior standards of performance. Laws vary from country to country and obedience to the laws is necessary but never sufficient. A Great company must have Universal Standards for Individual and Collective behavior which is applied everywhere we conduct business.

All Sthira employees adhere to an elevated standard of excellence. Following the code is Obligatory, without exception. Failure to uphold the code is cause for disciplinary action. The inherent passion for excellence runs through every discipline of the company.

This Code of Conduct is based on Sthira’s beliefs and Values. It enshrines our commitment to honesty, and integrity, and our desire to contribute to human progress including involvement with charities and community support. The code applies these Principles to day-to-day business life.

Sthira’s reputation and therefore our future as a business entity, depends on each of us, taking personally responsibility on a daily basis, to conduct business accordingly. Together we continue to display unity with steadfast integrity, clear values and the Highest standards of behavior.

Social Responsibility

At Sthira Technovations we believe, as part of the community, our responsibilities extend beyond our immediate day to day company related activities. As such our leadership team as well as our employees is committed to, and at the same time humbled by the opportunities in serving those who need help & support.

1.Primary Education: Though India is experiencing rapid economic growth; rural areas are still neglected compared to cities. We are trying to help the rural areas to support quality education opportunities for children through volunteering, fund raising, as well as spreading awareness among general populace, to encourage more participation.

2.Entrepreneur Support: Our leadership team is part of the network that supports new and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is our firm belief that, innovative and risk taking entrepreneurs are required for a society eager to meet its fullest potential

Making the world Greener – one sapling at a time.
Give life to a tree and You Give life to a thousand liveforms.


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