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Mission/Vision/Core Values


To manufacture innovative products consistently, that add value to the society.


To manufacture products in targeted industry verticals like – Transportation, Food processing, Medical & Industrial Engineering and Energy systems with innovative methods and systems, consistency in quality for reasonable cost and on time delivery.


We have established a set of core values, and astute operational methodologies during the past seven years of serving our clients.

Core Values

  • A passionate team effort to provide the best end to end solutions and customized enhancements, which allows our customers to achieve the highest level of success.
  • Continuous enrichment opportunities to enhance our team’s skills and allow professional, as well as personal growth.
  • Commitment to diversity within the organization, bringing various perspectives to the business and technology solutions.


Energy Systems

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Medical Engineering

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Food Processing

We plan, design and supply commercial kitchen equipments. We at Sthira manufactures the complete range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment suitable for...


Sthira helps OEMs and suppliers in the global automotive industry to accelerate product development cycle, enhance cost-effectiveness, and to utilize resource...