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Advance Life Support Ambulances For The Indian Army

Sthira Technovations have taken up the prestigious project of modifying the existing TATA SUMO & SML ISUZU AMBULANCE to ADVANCE LIFE SUPPORT AMBULANCE (Tele Medicine Units) awarded by Defence Bioengineering & Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL) of the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) which offers treatment and transport facility  for wounded soldiers in the Himalayan region.

The customization covers design and fabrication of state of the art high end Defence Ambulance cum Communication system to be used in remote terrains for golden hour treatment and transportation of wounded soldiers to Referral Hospital from the line of action. The ambulances are equipped with the modern communication systems available, allowing direct audio, live video streaming and data connection with doctors from the base hospital to ensure the best technical support for the injured.  The Ambulances carry the best medical equipments worth over 35 lakhs along with stretcher facility of 03 and 01 in SML ISUZU and Tata Sumo respectively.

Following features are incorporated in both the Ambulances:

  • Interior FRP panelling
  • Air conditioning and Heater system in the patient cabinet as the vehicles travel in extreme cold and hot terrains.
  • UPS, battery and generator dedicated for medical equipment and charging
  • Auto loading stretchers, which roll into the vehicle at the bottom level
  • Spine Board and Scoop Stretcher
  • Conversion of Normal Steering to Power Steering for TATA SUMO
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Water tank
  • Storage/cabinet for medicines
  • Advance and standard first aid kit
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Water tank
  • Storage/cabinet for medicines
  • Advance and standard first aid kit
  • Doctors seat and Attendant seat
  • Refrigerator
  • Communication system
  • Radom is mounted on the roof top with adequate protection to prevent hits from branches or low hanging cables
  • 7U electronic rack
  • TV screen & PTZ Camera
  • Inverter for uninterrupted power for the system
  • Tyre Pressure Management System
  • Conversion of Leaf suspension to Air Suspension System for SML ISUZU
  • Hydraulic System for patient bed in SML ISUZU