Election Campaign Vehicle

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Election campaign vehicle – 2 for JDS – Janata Dal (Secular)

We, Sthira Technovations feel delighted to design, manufacture and deliver the 2nd Election Campaigning vehicle for (Ex Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri. H D Kumaraswamy) JDS for the Pancharatna Rathayathra. This state-of-the-art campaign van is equipped with all the necessary amenities such as a rooftop stage, hydraulic lifts for the public address, LED TV, couch seat, sofa, toilet, a bathroom with shower, geyser, etc.

The highlight feature of the van is the hydraulic stage and a public address system with best in class lighting and custom made speakers with the reach upto 2km range covering 20000 people.

Election campaign vehicle- 01 for JDS – Janata Dal (Secular)

Another milestone for Sthira Technovations in designing and manufacturing an Election Campaigning vehicle.

This vehicle, which is built on the Tata LP 712, is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a vanity van, such as a couch, a bedroom, pantry space, toilets, and more.