Basic Life Support Ambulance

Basic Life Support Ambulance (Type C) is typically an emergency ambulance that provides enhanced medical assistance to the patient during transportation. It provides sufficient oxygen, blood transfusions and other medication that helps the patient to be in a stabilized condition till reaching the hospital. A BLS unit is equipped with a paramedic along with an Emergency Medical Technician who can administer medication to the patient. Best in class, ergonomically designed interior layout, paneling, lighting fitments, seating arrangement, ample storage options etc was all done in-house by our team of dedicated engineers and technicians.

BLS Equipment

Auto load patient stretcher

Foldable wheel chair

Scoop stretcher

Spine board

Oxygen delivery system

Roof/ Wall mounted fans

Doctor’s seat with seat belt

3 seater squad bench

Fire extinguisher

1 kVA inverter

Siren with PA system

LED Bar light

LED Flood lights

First aid box

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