Kiosks have gained popular visibility at various public places, outside shopping malls, airport and railway stations, Bus Stations,  in fairs and exhibitions and at a lot more venues. In the recent times, its demand has risen and more and more food entrepreneurs are adapting this form of quick-pick outlet.

Retail Kiosks are special purpose kiosks which are customized with various accessories to make it a popular storefront alternative for small time retailers. They are ‘mini-stores’ and are also known as Mall Kiosk, Island Retail Unit, Shop-in-shop so on…Retail fixtures, shelves and visual merchandising is added to the kiosk to make it more appealing.

Retail Kiosks have a 360 degree exposure and are placed in high customer traffic areas in large shopping center’s and malls. Sometimes they are placed along a wall or in the center of a large space.

Sthira Technovations has years of experience in designing Retail Display Solutions, a majority of them being Retail Kiosks.

We are Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of mall kiosks as we have a wealth of trained in-house designers and material expertise. Whether you need big, small, and compact or sophisticated, we will be able to create a set up that will perfectly fit the size of your location.

If you have space constraints then we will set up a kiosk that makes optimal use of vertical space without distancing the products from the eye level of the customer.

Our efficient design makes the kiosk a definite crowd puller among the other large shops. Each Kiosk can be modified to suit the product that it sells whether it is food or other products and accessories.

1.Compact trading unit:- Multi brand products in small but sufficient space.
2.Fast return on investment:- Considering the locations, brand of the products and products at discounted price.
3.Ultimate choice of sweets and refreshments.
4.Extensive items to cater wide range of consumers.
5.Unique and stylish design, incredible visual impact of kiosk attracts consumers.

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