Nurse Call System

Patients’ care is undoubtedly the main aim of all hospitals and Nursing Homes. Hence there is a need to provide one dedicated line of communication to every patient so that the patient can draw attention of a nurse from his bed whenever required.

In rapidly changing world, it is becoming essential for nurses only to take care of patients 24 hours without much help from kith & kin of patients. Nursing needs to focus on Quality care and extend utmost importance to the service of the patients and develop a sense of responsibility and accountability of total nursing with compassionate heart.

Medisystems Electronic Nurse-Call System employ the latest technologies to deliver a  number of useful features : Call Acknowledgment, Call Remainder, Nurse Presence Registration, Emergency Alerts, Nurse Help Requests, Instrument Alarm Relay, I-V Drip Alert, Hospital-wide Code- Blue alert, SMS Alert, Patient-Nurse Intercom, Corridor Displays, Call Transfer,   Attendant Call, Configured Handsets   offering  linkage with lighting, Audio and TV   facilities, System Diagnostics and Nurse-Call Response Monitoring. These systems are available in several models and can be configured for every kind of hospital.

Our Nurse Call System is designed keeping in view the relevance of quality nursing in today’s context and gives topmost priority to it. Installing our NCS in the hospital enables efficient management of nursing staff.


  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Clear sound
  • Call from a patient remains registered till the nurse attends the patient and clears the call from his room.
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